Why apply for this job?

Why apply for this job? Best answer Examples: Why did you apply for this position? It is beneficial to question yourself, “Why am I applying for this job?” while you get ready for an interview. Among the most common kinds of interview questions is this one.

However, you shouldn’t assume that just because you may have responded to it in a prior interview, you would be able to think of the ideal solution on the spot.

Like many other ostensibly challenging interview questions, this one’s significance isn’t immediately clear. Initially, it seems that the hiring manager is interested in learning about your career objectives, desired skill set, and desired pay.

Why am I applying for this job

While to some extent that is accurate, the interviewer really wants to know that you have researched the company and the job requirements. Do you possess all the required abilities and credentials? Do you agree with the mission and vision of the organization? Are you a fan of the corporate culture?

They specifically wish to know that you:

  • Recognise the role’s requirements.
  • Are excited to be employed by the company
  • Desire to contribute positively if you are hired
  • Adhere to the organization’s principles and objectives.

Put another way, a lot of information is being withheld by the innocent-sounding seven-word query. In light of this, we’ll discuss how to respond to the question, “Why have you applied for this job?” in this post.

“What made you apply for this job?” Responses

Consider yourself being asked a slightly different question when you prepare your response: “What interests you about this role?” This clarifies the question’s actual aim considerably.

Make a list of the company’s strengths to start your planning. For example:

  • Will they make an investment in your education and growth?
  • Do they present excellent chances for job advancement?
  • Do you support their objectives for corporate social responsibility?
  • Do their previous and present employers think well of them?
  • Do they enjoy a stellar reputation in their field?
  • Have they received numerous prestigious awards?

Of course, the only way you’ll be able to respond to those inquiries is if you actually spend the time learning about your potential job.

Recall that changing careers is a major decision, therefore nothing should be left to chance. You can only be certain that you’re making the appropriate choice by thoroughly researching the business.

You can mention that you’ve made up your mind that this is the company you want to work for, along with other reasons why you’re the best fit for the position, in your response. Here are three approaches to getting it correct.

Give a measurable example

If you want to avoid answering this open-ended question in an ambiguous way, base your response on a quantifiable, real-world example that highlights your passion for the position and demonstrates how much, if hired, you will contribute to the organization.

An example response

The most appealing aspect of this job is how it combines my two biggest strengths—marketing expertise and client communications—into one position.

In my current position, I’m in charge of talking to clients about the performance of their marketing campaigns as well as their goals and strategies. Last year, I assisted my largest client in exceeding their sales target by 15%.

Exhibit your enthusiasm

Since the question asks you to describe your positive experiences with the organization, feel free to answer with genuine excitement.

A little enthusiasm can make your response far more believable (and memorable), in contrast to many interview questions where a more professional approach is better.

An example response

My career interest has always been sales. I enjoy being in charge of assisting the business in reaching its revenue targets, and I am aware that everyone will be satisfied if the sales team meets its goals and the business is able to expand and make investments.

It would be an amazing opportunity for me to work as a salesperson for one of the top items on the market at such a reputable firm.

Look into the business

The key to responding to the question, “Why are you applying for this job?” is research, as we’ve discussed throughout this essay. Your response will be stronger the more press releases, news articles, videos, and social media postings you read about the company in issue.

An example response

I am aware of your excellent product, expanding clientele, and stellar reputation. I find that to be rather exciting. But the primary reasons I’m applying for this position are your corporate social responsibility goals,

Especially the bit about donating a portion of your revenues to local charity, and how much I appreciate that the job definition emphasizes teamwork, which is something I have a lot of experience with.

Why did you apply for this position?

This is your chance to show how excited you are about the business and the job you applied for! Share your enthusiasm for your subject of study or discuss how this position will help you achieve the professional advancement you have been pursuing. Make sure you thank the company and provide a compelling argument for your want to work there.

Why apply for this job

Example of an Answer

“I’m looking for a more challenging opportunity in my field, therefore I applied for this job. I was particularly interested in your job advertising because your company is renowned for providing unparalleled professionalism and career advancement chances. To work for your organization would make me very happy.”


“One of the top companies in the e-commerce industry is yours. I frequently purchase your products and support your platform. I’m thrilled to find out more about this online customer care job and believe I can provide a lot of value to this work.”


“I would like to work for a small business like yours that has a cozy, familial atmosphere. I’ve always worked for big companies where I’m just a number and not a person. It was challenging for me to grow as a manager and a leader in this “corporate giant” kind of setting. I value the culture you have created at work.”


“I’ve been one of your clients for a number of years, and more than a year ago, I identified your business as a top possibility that I wanted to work for. I felt this was the appropriate role for me as soon as it became available. I couldn’t wait to submit in my application and write you a cover letter!”


“Since I was a young child, I have been shopping here. I bought my graduation dress here, the same place my granny used to take me! It would be thrilling and truly unique for me to finally complete the circle and work in this same field after all these years. Your store holds particular significance for me.


“I’ve been searching for a high-growth startup for some time, and your business offers the kind of work environment I’ve been looking for. You have a great culture that is focused on accountability, progress, and achievement, and you value your employees.

You are bringing about a disruption in an industry that is in need of some shaking up, and science is enabling this upheaval. I’m thrilled about the possibility even more because of the infectious enthusiasm here.”


“I grew up in your district, which is among the best in the state and regarded as a thought leader in the education field. This is an incredible chance for me because it’s not just a setting that brings me full circle,

But it’s also the place where I made the decision that I wanted to become a teacher. I have always expressed my desire to return to District ### as a teacher, so this would be really exciting for me both personally and professionally.”

What comes next?

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Before thinking about the interview questions, you have to ask yourself why I am interested in this job or what are the good aspects of a job. How can I prove myself as the best candidate for the job. etc., a job candidate must think about himself.

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