Visa Update for 2023

Visa Update for 2023

Visa Update for 2023: Australian Visa Update for 2023, The Australian government has made two big changes for people who are studying or have finished their studies on visas. Starting on July 1st, 2023, students with visas can work for up to 48 hours every two weeks. People who finish school and have qualifying degrees can also get two additional years to work on their Temporary Graduate visas.

6 Visa updates for 2023

If you want to live in Australia, 2023 is a good time to do it. The new leader, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has made some important changes to the way people can move to Australia. They increased the number of places available for permanent migration from 160,000 to 195,000 and are working on fixing the problem with lots of people waiting for visas.

Visa Update for 2023 in Australia

Visa Update for 2023There are 6 important changes to visas that you should know about for 2023. Exciting things are happening!

1. Visas provided by the government

The government has decided to give more visas to the states and territories, which will result in a big increase in the total number of visas available. Abul Rizvi, who used to work in the Department of Immigration, said this.

Subclass 190 and 491 visas, also known as Australian state-sponsored visas, have the great benefit of not being restricted to working for a specific employer. People who want to apply need to be under 45 years old and need to look and apply for their own jobs.

Visa Update for 2023- Furthermore, some states and territories have made it simpler for people to apply for visas by easing their requirements and adding more types of skilled jobs to their lists.

Visa Update for 2023

You can find more information about the qualifications needed to be nominated by a state or territory on the Department of Home Affairs website.

2. Review of the migration system

SBS News says that in 2023, three experts will look at Australia’s rules for people moving to the country. At the end of February, they will give a quick update, and by April they will give a final plan.

The government got more people to help give out visas. Before, there were almost one million people waiting for a visa. Now, there are only 600,000.

The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles, said on Monday that they have hired over 400 extra staff and improved the visa processing in the Department of Home Affairs. They have been able to process more than four million visas since coming to the government, and he is proud of this achievement.

“This has helped Australians reconnect with their loved ones before Christmas and also solved the problem of skill shortages that have impacted everyone.”

The Guardian said that visas called Working Holiday Maker visas (which are numbered 417 and 462) are being processed very fast right now. Usually, these visas are approved quickly in just one day.

3. Demand-driven partner and child visas

With the help of demand-driven partner visas, it will be easier for families to come together without any problems.

This means that there is not a set number of visas that can be given out. The department thinks it will give about 40,500 partner visas this year.

Child visas are given based on the number of families who want them. About 3,000 visas are expected to be given soon.

4. Skilled visa applications will have new rules that will give them more importance

The Australian Government is changing who gets skilled visas first. Now, healthcare and education workers are the most important. The Department of Home Affairs is not using the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) anymore to decide who gets skilled visas, as reported by SBS News.

We will first decide on the most important applications and then move on to the less important ones.

  • Applying for jobs in healthcare or teaching.
  • For work visas from employers, people chosen by a company with high accreditation are eligible to apply.
  • Those who are meant for a specific local area.
  • This sentence means that visa applications for certain types of visas will be counted towards the migration program, but not the temporary 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa.
  • Other visa requests.

People with valid passports will have priority for all categories. People who don’t live in Australia have a bigger chance of getting a visa for work or residency than those who do live here. This applies to different types of visas.

Visa Update for 2023

5. New visa for Pacific countries and Timor-Leste

In July 2023, there will be a new visa available for people from Pacific countries and Timor-Leste. This visa will allow 3,000 eligible migrants to come to the country.

Each year, spots for the Pacific Engagement visa (PEV) will be given out through a random selection process. Extra visas will be given in addition to the usual visas for people who want to move to Australia permanently. The Department of Home Affairs website will have more details before the visa starts.

6. Priority processing for New Zealanders

Modern Zealanders living in Australia will advantage from need handling of subclass 189 Gifted Free visa applications within the Modern Zealand stream.

The division has dropped certain visa necessities counting that candidates must have lived in Australia for at least five a long times and they meet certain assessable salary limits as well as wellbeing criteria.

The office has ceased taking modern visa applications from 10 December 2022 until 1 July 2023, in arrange to handle the accumulation as of now within the framework.

Those allowed a Unused Zealand stream visa will too have their citizenship pathway fast-tracked from 1 January 2023.

Visa Update for 2023- Apply for Jobs cannot provide immigration advice, but only attempts to inform you of some of the information we collect. You can visit the official Home Affairs website for more information.

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