Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

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Top scholarships for Indian students

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: The most sought-after study abroad locations have excellent educational systems and healthy living environments. As a result, many students relocate to their ideal locations each year.The large loans they obtained from the banks serve as their collateral.

Most students do lose out on several opportunities that are offered to them in the shape of scholarship programmes because of the demanding and time-consuming process. No matter how big the scholarship, receiving one has made parents and students proud.

Top Study abroad scholarships for Indian Students

Before we get too far into it, let me clarify that there are many kinds of scholarships available to international students. Merit-based, need-based, student-based, national-based, and occasionally university-based are the categories.

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: It is usually wise to do a comprehensive investigation in order to maximise the opportunity. Therefore, it is helpful to know which category a student intends to apply for a scholarship under. This is a list of some of the best study abroad scholarships available to applicants.

  • Tata Scholarship Cornell University, USA
  • University of British Columbia leaders of Tomorrow Award
  • Fulbright-Nehru masters’ Fellowship
  • Great Wall Scholarship
  • Erasmus -Mundus Joint Masters’s scholarships
  • Dr.Manmohan Singh Scholarship, St.John College, University of Cambridge
  • Inlaks Shivdesani Foundation Scholarship
  • Melbourne-India PG Scholarship Program
  • Shastri-Indo Canadian Fellowship
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship scheme

1. Tata Scholarship Cornell University, USA

First and foremost, the candidate for this scholarship must demonstrate financial need and have a strong academic record with aspirations of pursuing further education in the United States.

An Indian citizen who has finished his senior secondary education in India is qualified to apply, according the Tata Development Trust.


Additionally, it is accessible to twenty Indian scholars who are applying to Cornell University in the United States.

For the length of their course, the scholarship pays for their expenditures. It also includes living expenses, tuition, and other ancillary costs.

2. University of British Columbia leaders of Tomorrow Award

Second, Canada Each year, foreign students who demonstrate exceptional academic and extracurricular qualities are given this scholarship by UBS.

Therefore, a student who possesses leadership qualities, has expertise overseeing student affairs, and has completed some community service may apply.

University of British Columbia

It is evident that this scholarship is need-and merit-based, covering living costs in addition to the cost of tuition. Additionally, additional expenses below what a student’s family can independently pay. Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad.

3. Fulbright-Nehru masters’ Fellowship

Students having Indian citizenship can utilise this to enrol in postgraduate courses at US institutions in subjects including economics, international relations, art and culture management, museum management, and higher education administration.

Fulbright Nehru masters Fellowship

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: A graduate with at least two years of relevant work experience is required of applicants. Those who have excelled in the areas of academics, leadership, and community development are eligible for this fellowship.

They also promise to do the developmental work in their town whenever they return. It covers the cost of health insurance, living expenses, transportation in economy class, and tuition.

4. Great Wall Scholarship

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: The Chinese government offers this grant to students from South Asian nations who want to enrol in Chinese universities. It pays the entire cost of tuition, living expenses, stipend, and the price for health insurance.

Great Wall Scholarship

Since this fellowship is offered for doctorate and postgraduate programmes, the applicant must be under 35 or 40 years old, respectively. Scholars should get in touch with the UNESCO national office in their own country to submit an application.

5. Erasmus -Mundus Joint Masters’s scholarships

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: This grant will encourage a scholar to attempt and finish the integrated master course if they choose to pursue two master courses from two distinct consortia member nations.

One of the most well-known scholarships offered by the European Union is available to academics worldwide. For a maximum of 24 months,

5. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masterss scholarships

this programme pays for participation costs, living expenses, a monthly stipend, and medical coverage. A applicant may select up to three combined programmes and must possess a bachelor’s degree.

6. Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship, St.John College, University of Cambridge

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: This fellowship is accessible to researchers and students who want to enrol in various PhD and undergraduate programmes at St. John Colleges in the UK and who possess a valid Indian passport.

The prize is good for the whole term of the study and includes living expenses, tuition, monthly stipends, and both sides’ air travel costs. Energy Studies, Science and Technology, Aerospace Engineering, and Economics are the topics covered in the courses.


An candidate must be postgraduate in the doctorate program’s field, speak English fluently, and be no older than 35.

7. Inlaks Shivdesani Foundation Scholarship

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: This scholarship is awarded to overseas students of Indian descent on the basis of merit. those who want to enrol in doctoral, master’s, or M.Phil. programmes in US, UK, or European colleges and universities.

Inlaks Shivdesani Foundation

Additionally, it offers a one-time payout of up to USD $1,000,000. The individual that qualifies must be under 30 years old. They should have a history of outstanding academic performance, volunteer work in the community, and leadership abilities.

8. Melbourne-India PG Scholarship Program

Top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad: Not only is Melbourne University one of the world’s oldest universities, but it also ranks among the top 20. Australia is a popular choice for Indian students seeking higher education.

An Indian student receives the scholarship for the length of the course after meeting the necessary requirements.

Melbourne India PG Scholarship Program

This includes living expenditures, travel costs, health insurance for international students, and the tuition charge. As a result, once the beneficiary student’s study programme is up, they must return to India.

9. Shastri-Indo Canadian Fellowship

The candidates can then apply for these awards, scholarships, and fellowships based only on merit, thanks to funding provided by the Shastri-Indo Canadian Research Institute.

Shastri Indo Canadian Fellowship

Fellowships are awarded to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes.

The institute website should be visited by candidates to learn about the qualifying requirements and the application deadline.

10. Ontario Graduate Scholarship scheme

Last but not least, only applicants who have obtained a study visa and received a letter of permission from any Ontario college are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme. The scholarship is awarded session-by-session and for a maximum of 12 months.


That is undoubtedly a merit-based programme. Additionally, a student must make his case using his academic record. Essays, as well as community service and leadership objectives, will be needed.

Top scholarships for Indian students

Top scholarships for Indian students: Finally, to know more about study abroad visa and IELTS preparation, you should visit our website address regularly. Here are the top scholarships we have mentioned through discussion. You can know from here that some colleges provide scholarships for Indian students. So read carefully to understand the entire content well.