Top 10 Population States in India

Top 10 Population States in India

Top 10 Population States in India: Here are the 10 states in India with the highest number of people living there. India has 36 states and 8 union territories that form a federal union. A report says that India’s population will be really big, about 13,88,163,000, in the year 2023.

Top 10 Population States in India 2023

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of people among all the states and territories in India. This information comes from India’s latest census which was finished in 2011. Now, we will talk about the number of people living in each state.

highest Population States in India

Top 10 Population States in India: Uttar Pradesh is the state in India with the highest number of people living in it. The capital of this state is Lucknow. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, more than two times as many people lived there compared to the rest of the country.

Top 10 Population States in India

The Top 10 Population States in India

Top 10 Population States in India

1. Uttar Pradesh

The capital city of Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow.
The biggest city is Kanpur.

UP is a big state in India with lots of people living there. It’s located in the northeast part of the country. In 1950, India named the state Uttar Pradesh which means “Northern State“.

Top 10 Population States in India

The biggest state in India is Uttar Pradesh, and its capital city is Lucknow. At the start of the twenty-first century, there were more than double the number of people living there compared to the rest of the country.

The good dirt in the Gangatic plains helps lots of people live there. Most people in the state live in the countryside. More babies are staying alive and people have more opportunities because there are more people in the world.

2. Maharashtra

Capital: Mumbai
Winter capital: Nagpur
Largest city: Mumbai

Maharashtra is a big area in the middle and west central parts of India. The land is different because there are short hills, big tall mountains, and valleys with rivers. This state is located in the middle of India.

Maharashtra has a lot of people living there. It is the third most populated state in the world and the second most crowded state in India. It was made on May 1, 1960, by splitting the multilingual Bombay state created in 1956. The state is divided into 36 parts called districts, and there are six bigger parts called divisions. Mumbai is a big city in India, and it is the state capital. A lot of people live there.

3. Bihar

The biggest city in the area is Patna, also known as Pataliputra. Patna is the Capital of Bihar.


Bihar is a state located in East India. Jharkhand became a state in November 2000. It was made in the southern part of Bihar. Jharkhand is in the south and southeast part of the state. Patna is the main city of Bihar.

A long time ago, Bihar was very important in India’s history. It was the main city for a long time and a very important place for Indian culture and society.

4. West Bengal

Kolkata is a big city and it is also the capital.

West Bengal

The Indian state of West Bengal is located to the east of the country. West Bengal is a small state in India, but lots of people live there.

Kolkata (also known as Calcutta) is the main city where the government of the state is located. When the British were in charge, people in West Bengal started to feel very patriotic and wanted their own country. This was the first place in India where this happened.

5. Madhya Pradesh

City name: Bhopal
The biggest city is Indore.

Madhya Pradesh is a state in the middle of India that is called “the heart of India”. The state doesn’t have a border with another country or a coastline.

Madhya Pradesh

The different parts of the land, like small hills, flat areas, and spaces where rivers flow, make it unique. Bhopal is the cleanest city in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is a big state in India. It has lots of people and covers a large area of land.

6. Tamilnadu

Biggest and most important city: Chennai.

Tamil Nadu is the sixth most populated state in India according to a report from 2011. Maharashtra is the second biggest state in India and has a lot of factories and businesses.


The main language in the state is Tamil, which is one of the very old languages that people still use today. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. The tourism industry is the biggest in India compared to other industries in different states. Tamil Nadu has many different places that tourists like to visit. The movies made in Tamil Nadu have a big effect on what people like and talk about there.

7. Rajasthan

The biggest city and capital: Jaipur.

Rajasthan is a state in northwest India. People often call it the city of Rajputs. Jaipur, a city in the center of the state, is the capital. It’s known as the pink city. Rajasthan means “The Rajas’ Place.” It used to be called Rajputana, which means “The Country of the Rajputs.”


After 1947, India added a bunch of royal kingdoms and chiefdoms and called in Rajasthan. India’s biggest state by area is also the seventh most populated. On the northwest side of the country, it shares borders with five more Indian states.

8. Karnataka

Bengaluru is a really big city and also the main city in the area. Bengaluru is the Capital of Karnataka.

Karnataka is a state on the western coast of India that used to be called Mysore until 1973. Bengaluru (Bangalore) is a city in the southeast part of India.


Karnataka was made better over time by different groups of people who worked to make the culture better. These royal families created beliefs and ideas that changed things like books, stories, buildings, songs, pictures, and other creative things.

As it were this southern state has topographical boundaries with the other four states in southern India. A few of old and medieval India’s most famous traditions have been called Karnataka domestic.

9. Gujarat

Capital: Gandhinagar
Biggest city: Ahmedabad

Gujarat, which holds a 75686 sq km locale on the Middle Eastern Sea’s west coast, is India’s seventh-largest state. India’s 2011 census shows that there are around 60,383,628 inhabitants.


Gandhinagar is the state’s capital, whereas other vital cities incorporate Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar. Gujarat is one of the states with the most prominent industrialization levels and a moo unemployment rate.

10. Andhra Pradesh

Administrative Capital: Amaravati
Official capital: Visakhapatnam
Legal capital: Kurnool
Biggest city: Visakhapatnam

Southeast of the Indian subcontinent is where Andhra Pradesh is arranged. For over six decades, Telangana was a portion of Andhra Pradesh; be that as it may, in 2014, it was partitioned absent to end up an autonomous state.

Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad serves as both Andhra Pradesh’s and Telangana’s capitals. The state’s title comes from the Andhra individuals, who have lived within the locale since old and have made their dialect, Telugu. Since of the Andhras’ request for an isolated state, Andhra Pradesh was made in 1956 in its show frame.


These are the foremost crowded states in India. They have culture, craftsmanship, and tourism, which makes them popular. And these places in India have a part of the puzzle connected to them which can be speculated from current conventions.

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