How to apply for jobs in Canada

How to apply for jobs in Canada

Finding and applying for a job in Canada from abroad might be difficult, but it can be made a little easier with the right knowledge.

Even though the pandemic caused job losses in Canada’s labor market, more than 200,000 new immigrants still arrive each year to find employment there! How to apply for jobs in Canada.

Where to Look for Jobs in Canada

Believe it or not, the best place to start looking for jobs in Canada is not on Canadian job sites.

How to apply for jobs in Canada
How to apply for jobs in Canada

Step 1: Determine the areas where your skills are most in demand

Knowing where in Canada there is the greatest demand for your job will improve both your chances of getting a job there as well as your immigration chances.

Many immigration programs are point-based, allocating points based on various criteria, including:

  • Your age
  • Language ability
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Ability to settle in Canada.

There are other other ways to increase your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, albeit these are the main ones that are taken into account. The Express Entry system’s CRS, or Comprehensive Ranking System, is used to rate candidates for Canadian permanent residency.

You can get bonus points if you apply alongside your spouse, if you speak French very well, and if you have relevant professional experience. Get a job in Canada and submit an application for a Provincial Nomination, however, if you want to accrue the most CRS points in a single move (PN). You might wonder why. because it is really valuable—600 points to be exact! That essentially equates to earning half of the possible CRS points.

Each Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the immigration program that only offers PNs, is unique from the next because each province and territory has distinct labor demands and its own list of in-demand occupations. In other words, picking the proper province is vital when applying for a job or visa for Canada since the more points you have, the greater your chances are of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Step 2: Start Exploring Canadian Job Sites

Now that you know which province needs your specialized skills, you can start narrowing down your job search to specific provinces or territories. Some popular job sites include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Job bank
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Workopolis

Step 3: Verify Your Resume Is Competent

When it comes to hiring foreigners, Canada holds itself to very high criteria. The first chance you’ll have to leave a lasting impression on a potential employer is through your CV. It’s crucial to ensure that your resume meets Canadian standards and stands out from the competition in order to land that coveted job interview.

Additionally, it’s crucial to check that your resume is current and lacks any gaps in your employment history. Recruiters typically take notice of this since it leaves them wondering what you were doing throughout that time and why you were jobless.

Last but not least, provide a cover letter to help you achieve your ideal job in Canada. This explains to the recruiter or your potential employer how you can offer value to the firm and why you want to work there, which helps inspire your application.

Step 4: Pick Only the Jobs You Want to Apply For

When submitting a job application in Canada, be picky. It is not a good idea to apply for 50 jobs a day in the hopes that at least one recruiter will respond, especially since many recruiting firms may post advertising for job openings at various companies.

Now put yourself in the position of the recruiter who is receiving applications for at least 5 different job positions in Canada. You seem to be saying that you’ll take whatever job you can get and perhaps that you’re not really serious about pursuing a certain position.

Step 5: Get Started With the Application Process!

You can confidently start applying for jobs in Canada now that you’ve significantly cut down your search and polished your resume, potentially increasing your chances of obtaining Canada PR as well!

Are you prepared to begin your life’s work? Not sure where to begin when applying for a visa?

Do not fret. The team of immigration and visa specialists with whom we collaborate is more than capable of supporting your application and has in-depth understanding of the Canadian immigration process.

Top Motivators for Hiring in Canada

In every province or region of our large, beautiful country, there are a range of rewarding work prospects. Any industry you can think of likely has employment opportunities for foreigners in Canada. However, let’s look at the top eight motives for thinking about working in Canada.

1.Earn a Globally Competitive Salary

In 2021, the average yearly wage in Canada will be around $54,630, or $1,050.59 per week. This is four percent greater than 2019, which is astounding considering that the epidemic resulted in a significant number of job losses. This only serves to highlight how solid the Canadian economy is and how much you may stand to make if you choose to work there.

2.Incredible Work Benefits

Canada’s offers its employees a range of benefits, including:

  • Paid parental leave (including “daddy days”)
  • Job security
  • Training or Upskill opportunities
  • Great health and wellness programs

3.Wide Variety of In-Demand Jobs

As previously stated, all you need to do is place a pin anywhere on the Canadian map, select any industry, and you’ll almost certainly locate a job opening. In Canada, there are now over 34,179 open positions, and this is just a small sample of what is available. Look at the many provincial in-demand jobs and programs to see where your job is in demand.

4.Relatively Low Cost of Living

Now this, of course, depends on where you decide to live and work in Canada. Popular city centers such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Victoria are among the most expensive cities to live in, in Canada. But there are many other cities that offer a great quality of life without sacrificing the comforts of urban life or most of your salary. Cities like Edmonton (Alberta), Hamilton (Ontario), and St, John’s (Newfoundland & Labrador) all offer a high quality of life at a reasonably low cost of living. How to apply for jobs in Canada

Average Cost Of Living by Province

City—Monthly in Canadian Dollars

Quebec City-1,600

5.Highest Quality of Life Possible

You won’t ever need to be concerned about compromising the standard of living you want for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of where you choose to make your home in Canada. There is a free universal healthcare system available to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. How to apply for jobs in Canada Its outstanding educational system is well-known worldwide and is free of charge. You may be sure that you and your family will be living in one of the best nations in the world because Canadians value equality and excellence.

6.Longer vacations, shorter workdays

On average most Canadians work approximately 40 hours per week (full-time) and around 18.5 hours per week (part-time). On average most Canadian get around 10 paid vacation days. All provinces have a guaranteed 2 weeks except Saskatchewan which has an incredible 3 weeks holiday. This usually increases the longer you stay with the same employer annually.

1 completed “year of employment” – 2 weeks
5 completed consecutive “years of employment” – 3 weeks
10 completed consecutive “years of employment” – 4 weeks

And to top it off, Canada has nine statutory holidays, which means that you could get anywhere from 19 to 37 days off every year!

7.Happy Work-Life Balance

The majority of Canadian businesses take pleasure in ensuring that their staff members have a healthy and pleasant work-life balance. What does this actually mean? When discussing work-life balance, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) states that there are two key factors to take into account:

  1. lack of time and scheduling conflicts; and
  2. feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or stressed by the pressures of multiple roles.

Approximately 84 percent of large Canadian employers offer some kind of wellness program, and 6.98 million Canadians work an average of just 40 hours per week. Other actions taken by Canadian employers to foster a healthy workplace include the provision of benefits like:

  • On-site childcare;
  • Flexible working arrangements;
  • parental and family leave;
  • educational leave, community service leave, or sabbaticals;
  • Employee assistance programs;
  • On-site seminars and workshops;
  • internal/external educational training opportunities; or
  • Fitness facilities or membership assistance;

8. Obtain Permanent Residency

You may be relieved to learn that, if you are a temporary foreign worker living and working in Canada, you may be qualified to apply for permanent residency through programs like the Canada Experience Class after accumulating at least a year of work experience (CEC).

The CEC is primarily for highly trained workers, but there are also other provincial programs that grant permanent residency to foreign workers with a range of skill levels and as little as six months of work experience! How to apply for jobs in Canada.

Preparing for your Job Interview

How to apply for jobs in Canada
How to apply for jobs in Canada

Being prepared in any avenue of life is essential for success. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for a flawless interview by:

  • Rehearsing some practice questions and answers beforehand
  • Researching the company and job role
  • Motivating your reasons to want to work in Canada
  • Knowing your resume and organize your portfolio
  • Preparing for the actual interview ahead of time

Ready to Start a Successful Visa Application?

How to apply for jobs in Canada-It is crucial to have experts you can rely on on your side. Always do your homework to determine which consultants are qualified to offer you the advice and assistance you require to realize your employment and/or immigration goals. How to apply for jobs in Canada.

After getting your desired job in Canada, do you need assistance getting started on your life’s journey?

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