Australia recent news for international students

Australia recent news for international students

Australia recent news for international students: Latest News for International students in Australia. Most Recent News for Worldwide Understudies in Australia, Remain up to date with happenings within the worldwide understudies instruction space in Australia. Australia recent news for international students.

Australian university denies ban on Applications from Indian Students

Australia’s College of Wollongong (UOW) said on Thursday that it has not set any boycott or limitation on applications from Indian understudies, nor on understudies from any particular Indian states or locales.

It was detailed that UOW was one of the five colleges that had put boycotts or confinement on understudies from a few Indian states in reaction to a surge in false applications looking to work, and not ponder, within the nation.

The UOW said in articulation that it “does not have any limitations on understudy applications from India other than the standard passage criteria we apply to all worldwide understudies and the necessities of the Australian Division of Domestic Undertakings”.

Rather than presenting confinements, UOW said it has streamlined its application handle for all universal understudies, counting Indian understudies, to speed up the turnaround time on their applications.

Most Recent news for international students in Australia

recent news for international students

An examination by the Australian media said that these colleges are making it intense to select understudies from states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, as they suspect their prime reason is to require employment instead of ponder.

Australian daily papers detailed that UOW has been putting understudies from the Indian subcontinent and a few other nations like Lebanon, Nigeria, etc. through an “honest to goodness brief participant” test.

University of Wollongong (UOW)

University of Wollongong (UOW)

“Like all Australian colleges, UOW has thorough section criteria for all understudies. All Australian colleges are required to protect against false applications,” the college articulation said, including that UOW works difficult to guarantee that the “affirmations handle is reasonable and fair and available to all understudies”.

Australia recent news for international students

Australia recent news for international students: The College said that it screens patterns in enrolment extortion, frequently surveys forms, and works closely with the Division of Domestic Undertakings to guarantee worldwide understudy applications are veritable.

Australia recent news for international students

Australia is reportedly set to enroll the highest number of Indian students ever, surpassing the previous high of 75,000 in 2019.

This has raised questions from legislators and the instruction community approximately “the astuteness of Australia’s movement framework and the long-term impacts on the country’s profitable worldwide instruction showcase”, concurring with The Sydney Morning Proclaim.

Australia recent news

“Our in general visa refusal rate over the past 12 months is moo, with as it were a little sum relating to refusal based on extortion (the least of the conceivable Division of Domestic Issues detailing groups),” UOW said.

UOW has inquired about instruction collaborations with near to 30 Indian colleges, and it draws in a critical number of Indian understudies to both their Wollongong Campus and the College of Wollongong in Dubai.

More than 2,500 students from India are learning at UOW in Australia. They like to study business, engineering, and information sciences the most. This happened in 2023.

Last year, UOW started a scholarship called the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship-India. This scholarship gives people money, training to be a leader, help with their studies, connections with the community, and opportunities to travel around the world.

The Herald reported that two universities in Australia, Edith Cowan, and Victoria, have made it harder for students from certain parts of India to apply. Edith Cowan banned students from Punjab and Haryana while Victoria put restrictions on students from eight states, including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

Latest or News for International Students in Australia

Australian university to open a campus in India as part of a groundbreaking education deal. 3 key Updates from India Australia PM Meet up.

  • Deakin University to open a world-first teaching campus in India.
  • Australia to offer scholarships to Indian international students.
  • Indian degrees to be recognized in Australia.
Australia recent news for international students

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that Deakin University will open a campus in India. This will make it the first Australian university to have a campus there. The aim is to improve the education relationship between Australia and India, which is the sixth biggest country Australia trades with.

Deakin University from Australia

Deakin University from Australia will start a new school in India. This will be the first time a university from any country will open a school there. They are doing this so that Indian students who can’t go to Australia to learn can still have the same level of education.

The campus will open in mid-2024 at Gujarat Worldwide Back Tec City (Blessing City) in Gandhinagar in western India.

Prime Serve Anthony Albanese affirmed the choice on the primary day of his two-day visit to Gujarat. He hailed the declaration as an “extraordinary respect” for Deakin and Australia.

“The campus will be built at the modern Blessing not distant from here and will offer understudies the opportunity to ponder cyber security and trade analytics with Deakin.

“In conjunction with Deakin, the College of Wollongong to has eagerly set up a campus at Blessing City,” the prime serve declared on Wednesday.

Deakin University

Deakin University

The choice comes as the request from Indian understudies for an Australian degree is blossoming. About 44,000 visa applications from India were gotten in January, with the nation jumping China for the primary time as the number one source of universal understudies Down Beneath.

International Students News

Deakin College vice-chancellor Iain Martin, who is going with the prime serve on his India visit, said that the modern campus was not the primary breakthrough accomplishment for the college in India.

Deakin was the primary universal college to set up its nearness in India in 1994, and since at that point, through imaginative collaborations over investigate, instruction and preparing, we have produced a bond based on commitment, brilliance, believe and straightforwardness,” Teacher Martin said.

“Understudies will get the same standard of higher instruction in Blessing City as in Australia, with scholastic measures based on Deakin’s benchmarks systems and manuals adjusted with Australia’s national accreditation body, the Tertiary Instruction Quality and Guidelines Office (TEQSA),” Deakin College said in a press discharge.

Australia–India Education Qualifications Recognition Mechanism

The prime serve too declared that the governments of both nations have concluded the ‘Australia-India Instruction Capability Acknowledgment Mechanism.’

The settlement will give Indian understudies more prominent certainty that a degree they get from an Australian college will be perceived in the event that they need to proceed to higher instruction in India.

It is the foremost comprehensive and driven course of action concurred to by India with any nation

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

This unused instrument implies that on the off chance that you’re an Indian understudy who’s considering – or almost to consider – in Australia, your hard-earned degree will be perceived after you return home.

“Or in case you are a part of Australia’s expansive Indian diaspora, you will be able to feel more sure that your Indian capabilities will be perceived in Australia,” Mr. Albanese said.

In expansion to the instrument, 11 memoranda of understanding were marked between Australian and Indian instruction partners amid Instruction Serve Jason Clare’s visit to Unused Delhi prior to this month.

These teachings are anticipated to drive reciprocal participation between the two nations over different areas, counting bio-innovation and law.

Scholarships for Indian international students

Mr. Albanese too reported an unused ‘Maitri’ (companionship) grant for Indian understudies to think about in Australia for up to four a long time.

“The grants are a portion of the more extensive Maitri program that looks to boost social, instructive, and community ties between Australia and India,” the prime serve said.

The prime serve will at that point travel to Mumbai to take part in a CEO gathering with Australian and Indian commerce pioneers.

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