Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023: Apply for World Bank. Do you need to construct a career that’s really beneficial? Working at the World Bank Bunch gives a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to assist our clients illuminate their most prominent improvement challenges. Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023.

The World Bank Bunch is one of the biggest sources of financing and information for creating nations; a special worldwide organization of five educate devoted to finishing extraordinary destitution, expanding shared success, and advancing economic advancement. Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023.

World Bank Group Job Circular 2023

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023- With 189 parts of nations and over 130 workplaces around the world, we work with open and private segment accomplices, contributing to groundbreaking ventures and utilizing information, research, and innovation to create arrangements for the foremost critical worldwide challenges. For more data, visit

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023

The World Bank’s Foundation Bad Habit Administration (INF VPU) is sharp to extend the enlistment of profoundly qualified staff for careers in transport, vitality, advanced improvement, framework back, and foundation financial matters. To this conclusion, the INF VPU is committed to accomplishing differing qualities in race, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, and instructive foundation.

Senior Energy Specialist

Job #: req22239
Organization: World Bank
Sector: Energy
Grade: GG
Term Duration: 3 years 0 months
Recruitment Type: Local Recruitment
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Required Language(s): English, Bangla
Preferred Language(s): English & Bangla.
Closing Date: 5/4/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59 pm UTC

The South Asia Locale Setting

The South Asia Locale comprises eight nations (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) that extend in estimate from India (with a populace of over 1 billion) to Maldives (with 0.3 million individuals). The locale has experienced a long period of vigorous financial development, averaging 6% a year over the past 20 a long time. It was the second-fastest developing locale in the world within the repercussions of the worldwide emergency. This solid development has been interpreted as declining destitution and amazing advancements in human improvement. The rate of individuals living below the destitution line fell in South Asia from 56% to 16% between 1981 and 2013. Still, the locale remains domestic to a third of the world’s poorest, with 216 million individuals living under $1.9/day. Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023.

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023

The South Asia Locale:

The Infrastructure Practice Group

The team that works to make sure things like buildings, roads, and utilities are working well is called the Infrastructure Practice Group and Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023.

The Infrastructure Practice Group is responsible for finding ways to improve infrastructure in poorer countries. This includes areas like energy, transportation, technology, and building projects. It also involves working with both government and private companies to make things happen. Our work is guided by important values. We are committed to reducing poverty in a way that can be maintained for a long time. We focus on what the people we help need, and we are always honest and trustworthy.

World Bank Data

The Practice has active groups that work on topics like making cities more mobile, connecting places with transportation, managing and paying for transportation infrastructure, understanding transportation policies and data, and making transportation environmentally friendly, fair, and safe. The Transport Global Practice works with other groups like international organizations, businesses, and regular people to complete their projects. Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023.

Unit Context

One-quarter of all people on Earth live in South Asia. Only a small amount of the world’s electric power capacity is currently installed in the region – about 1 out of every 20 power sources. The World Bank is helping countries in the area with lending and knowledge management to deal with energy and natural resource problems. The SAR energy unit looks after many different projects in countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The South Asia Energy Program has become bigger and will lend a lot of money in the coming years – over $8 billion so far, and over $1 billion every year.

International organizations

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023- The Energy Practice promised to make changes in the region. They want to improve how the energy sector is run and make it more secure, while also taking care of the environment. They also want to encourage partnerships between the government and businesses to help save energy. Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023. They will invest in making power, gas, and electricity more available, especially in rural areas. They want to use more renewable energy and help fight climate change. A specific field that has been growing is investing in clean energy such as hydropower, electrical systems and networks, and changing laws in the energy industry. Many countries have plans for these types of projects.

World Bank Bangladesh

The Bank has a plan called the Energy Program. It has different tools, like giving money for projects, making partnerships with businesses, and lending money to help countries develop their energy policies. Also, the team has a plan to gather important information to help with discussing policies in the field.

Apply for World Bank Job Circular

The South Asia Energy department is looking for an experienced Senior Energy Specialist who will work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This person will talk to the Bangladesh Government, power companies, and other important people about new power projects and making changes to the power industry. He/she will be in charge of supervising tasks like lending money, providing help and training, and managing different activities in Bangladesh.

Apply for World Bank Job Circular

The things the chosen person will need to do.

  • *We are taking part in discussions with the government and other people who care about how Bangladesh’s power sector is changing. We are talking about things like energy sources, ways to improve the power grid, and how to make the rules and laws better.
  • *We help people improve the way they get electricity by teaching them how to plan and carry out changes that make their electrical systems stronger and more efficient. We also help them make sure that everyone can afford and rely on electricity.
  • *Helping teams analyze projects, power utilities, and the industry in areas like technology, money, and finances.
  • *Helping the team learn more about energy industry money matters, management, and rules to improve their knowledge.
  • *We give information to help with different tasks, such as reports and monitoring performance. We also work with managers and people in different countries to help with energy-related issues.

World Bank Selection Criteria

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023

  1. Master’s degree in engineering, economics, business administration, finance, or other energy-related field;
  2. At least 8 years of relevant experience with a demonstrated track record in the management of energy sector projects and dialogues;
  3. Direct experience with some or all of the following: renewable energy, energy efficiency, storage, hydrogen, power transmission & distribution, smart grids, power dispatch, power utilities, and technical, economic, and/or financial analysis of projects, including those owned and operated by the private sector.
  4. Direct experience with policy and regulatory issues, utility level analysis, and market and utility reforms, including public-private partnerships and climate change mitigation and resilience;
  5. Demonstrated experience in preparing and implementing energy projects, including aspects related to financing, fiduciary (procurement and financial management), and safeguard (environment and social) management;
  6. Track record of teamwork and ability to produce high-quality results and outputs with minimal supervision;
  7. High level of energy, initiative, and flexibility in quickly adjusting to changing work program requirements;
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to build strong partnerships with clients and colleagues across units and departmental boundaries in a multicultural environment with virtual teams located in different locations;
  9. Demonstrated track record of building and maintaining strong client relationships;
  10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, Proficiency in spoken and written English and Bangla is essential. ability to effectively dialogue with and relate to clients and stakeholders;

World Bank Bunch Center Competencies

Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023: The World Bank Gather offers comprehensive benefits, counting a retirement arrangement; therapeutic, life, and inability protections; and paid to take off, counting parental take off, as well as sensible lodging for people with inabilities.

We are glad to be breaking even with an opportunity and comprehensive manager with a devoted and committed workforce and don’t separate based on sexual orientation, sex personality, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual introduction, or inability. Learn more about working at the World Bank and IFC, counting our values and rousing stories Apply for World Bank Job Circular 2023.

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