Apply for an Australia Tourist visa from India

Apply for an Australia Tourist visa

Apply for an Australia Tourist visa from India: Apply for an Australia Tourist visa from Australia, apply for Australia, apply for outside of Australia, An Australia Tourist Visa is a kind of visa for people not planning to become permanent residents in Australia.

Australia Tourist visa

People from other countries can come to Australia for a little while. If you want to visit Australia as a tourist, you must get a specific type of visa (called Subclass 600). This visa lets you do things related to tourism or business while you’re in Australia.

Apply for Tourist Visa in Australia

The Australian embassy says that…

If you go to Australia as a tourist, you can’t do a job or sell things while you’re there.
People who want to study or train informally for less than 3 months can apply for a Visitor visa.
Mums and dads of some people who live in Australia can ask for a special visa to stay in Australia for a longer time.

apply for a Visitor visa

Apply for an Australia Tourist visa from India

Eligibility Criteria for an Australia Visit Visa

Apply for an Australia Tourist visa: To be allowed to visit Australia as a tourist, there are certain things you need to have or do. These are called the eligibility requirements for the Australia Tourist Visa.

(i) You need enough money to take care of yourself.
(ii) You need to show that you plan to go back to your own country.
(iii) You need to show why you are visiting.
(iv) You need to prove that you are healthy.
(v) You need to show that you are a good person.
(vi) You need to show evidence that you haven’t been in trouble with the law before.
(vii) You cannot owe money to the Australian government.
(viii) You can’t take or look for any work.
(ix) You cannot use this visa to study.
(x) You need to obey the rules of the place you are living in.

If you are visiting family or friends, then :

=You must show the letter of invitation.

If you are traveling the country, then :

=You must show your travel documents.

If you are visiting for medical purposes, then :

=You must show the medical documents needed.

The table below shows who can get the Subclass 600 (Visitor) Visa.

Stream typeWho can apply
Tourist steam (apply in Australia)People who want to visit Australia to discover new things or see their relatives.
The goal can’t be for making money or curing an illness.
A group of visitors (who are not in Australia) coming to visit.People who want to go to Australia to see new things or to see their loved ones.
This program helps families come together by allowing sponsorships.People who want to go to Australia to see their family.
Family members pay for the trip.
The “Business visitor stream” means visiting a place for business purposes.People who want to go to Australia for work reasons.
The Approved Destination Status stream is a system that allows tourists from certain countries to visit and travel to another country for leisure purposes.People from specific parts of China.
They are on a trip with a company that plans and arranges travel called a travel agent.
A person who travels often.Chinese people.
People travel for two reasons – either for their own enjoyment or entertainment or for their work or job.

Instructions for getting a visa for a person who wants to travel to Australia as a tourist.

To get the Australia Tourist Visa, you need certain documents.

  • A passport that is currently accepted and allows you to travel internationally.
  • Do you have any old passports?
  • New pictures that meet specific needs.
  • Fill out the form (Form 1419) to apply for a visa.
  • Papers that prove why you came here.
  • Proof of funds means showing that you have enough money to pay for something, like buying a house or applying for a visa.
  • A list of all the money coming in and going out of your bank account in the last six months.
  • The money you earned and paid taxes on for the last three years.
  • Do you have any property investments?
  • Money that is kept in a bank account for a specific amount of time at a fixed interest rate.
  • The medical results of tests.
  • X-ray exams.
  • A personal letter that introduces yourself and explains why you are interested in a job.
  • Insurance covers the cost of unexpected events that may occur while traveling.
  • Proofs that show where someone is staying.

Apply for an Australia Visit Visa Application Process

Follow these steps to get a tourist visa for Australia.

First, you need to pick a subgroup that fits what you need.
Step 2: Give the needed papers.
Step 3: Complete the form for getting a visa.
Step 4: Give money for a visa.
Step 5: Make an appointment to turn in the application form.
Step 6: If you meet the requirements, you will be able to get a visa for tourists.

Are you not sure how to proceed with the tourist visa application process?

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Cost of a Tourist Visa for Australia

The cost of a visa for tourists to visit Australia is not the same for everyone. It’s based on the specific group you are joining.

Here are some of the prices you have to pay for a visa: (followed by a table)

SubclassVisa fees
Subclass 601AUD20 (In Australian Dollar)
Subclass 651Free
Subclass 600Varies depending on the streams
Subclass 417AUD485 (In Australian Dollar)
Subclass 462AUD485 (In Australian Dollars)
Subclass 771Free

The fee details of the various streams are given in the table below

StreamsFees (in Australian Dollars – AUD)
Tourist stream (apply in Australia)365
Tourist stream (apply outside Australia)145
Sponsored family stream145
Business visitor stream145
Approved Destination Status stream145
Frequent traveler stream1065

The cost of a visa that Indian citizens need to get to visit Australia.

Visa Subclass / NoteBase Charge
Visitor Subclass 600 – For all streams except Frequent Traveler / 1a and 1b140AUD
Visitor Subclass 600 – For Frequent Traveller1,020AUD
e-Visitor (Subclass 651)Nil
ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) / 1cNil

The amount of money you have to pay to get an Australian visa and other fees can go up or down because of what the government decides.

Australia Visit Visa Processing Time

It takes different amounts of time to get an Australian tourist visa. It relies on the particular group that you are joining.

This information shows how long it takes to handle different groups.

Screenshot 3

Other Important Questions and answer

Why do many people like to visit Australia?

Australia is a favorite place for visitors to travel to.

You can visit really pretty cities.
The view is really wonderful.
The old structures and the stories behind them are very interesting.
The rules for traveling are easy to understand and short.
The roads are in good condition.
The different cultures are amazing.
The different kinds of plants and animals are amazing to see.
There are many things to do and see in this country that will make different types of travelers happy.
Housing is available at different prices.
You can tell that people are living well.
The people who are originally from this place are friendly and work well together.

What types of visas can visitors have for Australia?

Australia offers various kinds of visas for visitors.

This is a type of visa that allows people to come and visit a country as tourists or for other reasons. It’s called the subclass 600 visa.
This is a special kind of permit called the Electronic Travel Authority, which is given to certain people who want to travel to Australia.
Subclass 651 (eVisitor) is a type of visa.
The 417 visa is a type of visa for people who want to work and travel to another country. It’s also called the Working Holiday Visa.
The 462 visa is called the “Work and Holiday visa.” It allows you to work and travel in Australia for a period of time.
Subclass 771 (Transit visa) means a visa that allows you to pass through a country while traveling to another country.

What types of visitor visas are there for people going to Australia?

There are different types of visas for visitors going to Australia, they are called streams and they belong to the Visitor visa (Subclass 600).

This is about the number of people visiting Australia for vacation.
When people travel from other countries to visit Australia, this is called the “tourist stream.”
This is a program that helps families to come and live in a country by finding people or organizations who will support them.
A type of visa for people who visit a country for business purposes.
The Approved Destination Status stream means that a place has been given permission to receive visitors from other countries.
People who travel often share their experiences on the Internet.

Is it possible to enter and exit Australia multiple times with a tourist visa?

The Australian tourist visa lets you come and go multiple times.

Is it simple to obtain a tourist visa for Australia?

Getting an Australian tourist visa is not difficult. But you need to fulfill the needed conditions.

How long is the Australia tourist visa good for?

The Australia tourist visa is good for up to one year.

For how long can you stay in Australia with a tourist visa?

You can stay in Australia for up to 3 months if you have a tourist visa.

Can you travel to Australia more than one time with a tourist visa?

You can visit Australia more than once with a tourist visa. If you want to travel back and forth often, you need a visa that allows you to enter and exit many times.

How many times can you go to Australia with a tourist visa that lets you visit multiple times?

You can visit Australia many times with a tourist visa that allows multiple entries. There are no limits.

Can you ask to stay longer on your tourist visa?

You can request to stay longer as a tourist.

Don’t forget!

Do not impose 8503 rules.
Another name for this is the “no more visits rule”.
You need to have a passport from a list of countries that are allowed.
Your passport should be valid for at least six more months.

What is the eVisitor visa? (Simple Version) What does an eVisitor visa mean?

The eVisitor visa is a visa for people who are not planning on moving permanently to another country.

It is called Subclass 651 too.
The visa lasts for one year.
When you visit Australia, you can stay for up to three months at the most.
You don’t need to pay any money to get a visa.
The visa starts from the day it is given.

What are the things you can do with an eVisitor visa?

If you have an eVisitor visa, you are able to:

Take a break.
Go to see your friends or relatives.
Study for three months or less.
Do business things.

What does a transit visa mean?

The transit visa lets people stay in Australia for three days. This is called Subclass 771.

Supporting documents must you submit if you are self-employed

The supporting documents you must submit if you are self-employed are :

Registration license of the business
Bank statement of your business (past six months)
Income tax returns of the business (past three years)

Supporting documents if you are a minor or retired person applying for an Australia tourist visa

The supporting documents, if you are a minor applying for an Australia tourist visa, are :

NOC from the parent
Birth certificate
Form 1299

Parents must submit :

PAN card, or

Supporting documents, if you are a retired person applying for an Australia tourist visa, is

Proof of retirement
Bank statements
Pension book

If you are going to see your friends or relatives, you will need to provide some papers to support your visit.

You may need some papers if you plan to visit friends or family.

An invitation letter.
The people who send invitations need to show either their passport or their residence permit, and also a utility bill or an electricity bill.

Rules for pictures needed for an Australian tourist visa.

The pictures needed for the Australia tourist visa are:

The picture needs to be 3.5 by 4.5 centimeters.
Don’t take a picture of yourself.
The picture should be printed on really good paper.
There is nothing around it.
You cannot wear anything on your head (unless it’s for religious reasons).
The picture needs to be seen.
The picture can’t have any dark spots, red eyes, or blurry.

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